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Do you have a large collection of geo data which can add real value to the information on the free online map OpenStreetMap? Or are you an expert in mapping locations using the OpenStreetMap and want to get active and improve the existing geo data? We need your data and your local knowledge of POIs (places) in order to merge two different data sources. Provide us with your data collection or help us check which pieces of the submitted data are identical and which pieces are missing. Everyone can help!

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Why POIchecker?

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, free of charge and created by people like you. It not only contains streets and ways, but also “Points of Interest” (POI), such as restaurants, cinemas and train stations. OpenStreetMap provides free geo data for hundreds of websites and apps like Wheelmap.org, a map which has been created for collecting and indicating the wheelchair accessibility of public places. Local authorities and companies often put a great deal of effort into gathering information on wheelchair accessible locations. With POIchecker this information can easily be incorporated into OpenStreetMap. This means that it will automatically become part of Wheelmap.org as well, thereby greatly increasing its reach. POIchecker works like an editor. With it we can make sure that double entries to do not occur and that the data appearing on OpenStreetMap is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. It provides the person checking the POIs with all the available information from two different data sources, indicates if an entry already exists and if there are discrepancies in the two data sources. The person editing checks and merges the data with the help of his or her local knowledge. In this way, information can be updated easily and accurately, whereby the quality and quantity of OpenStreetMap’s geo data is improved.

Check POIs now!
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